A New Journey Beings is the 1st of the Pokémon DX's Meitsu's.


It's been almost a year since Ash Ketchum and his pokémon partner, Pikachu have been training after their lost in the Sinnoh League Challenge. After the time that has gone by Ash and Pikachu feel that it is finally time for them to start traveling again. This comes at a surprise when they get a call from Professor Oak who has a very important mission for them that involves them traveling to a new region known as the Jetix. After losing to a trainer from the region and running into mysterious individual Ash and Pikachu finally make it to the region.

Once they finally arrived at the region Ash and Pikachu are ecstatic when they run int their old friends Brock Harrison and Misty Waterflower. However while in the region Ash and Pikachu soon learn that this region was unlike any other region that they had ever been to before. They know this that this they an't help but feel that this is more so true for a familiar face that that comes to their rescue with him being known as Timothy.


Chapter 0 - Intro

Chapter 1 - A New Journey Begins

Chapter 2 - Arrival At Jetix, Old Friends Reunite

Chapter 3 - A Intense Battle

Chapter 4 - Furious Flames, A Old Friend

Chapter 5 - A True Mystery Known As Timothy

Chapter 6 - Saurava’s Fire Soul

Chapter 7 - Undercover Brother, The Egg Recovered

Chapter 8 - A Plan Gone Very Wrong

Chapter 9 - Aura Ability’s And Timothy Reappears

Chapter 10 - Timothy's Aura Ability

Chapter 11 - The Raging Storm

Chapter 12 - Team Rocket Return’s, Timothy Return’s

Chapter 13 - The Pokémon Resort

Chapter 14 - Specking My Mind, The Adventure Starts Now

Chapter 15 -Rubicon Bridge 101, The Giganang Swarm

Chapter 16 - A Sudden Realization, A Painful Memory

Chapter 17 - Darkness Cave, The Hot Tube Party

Chapter 18 - Timothy’s Training Interview

Chapter 19 - The Shocking Backpack Secret

Chapter 20 - Team Rocket’s Surprising Arrival

Chapter 21 - The Karlin Shopping Day

Chapter 22 - The Karlin Gym Battle Delay

Chapter 23 - Ferocious Double Battle

Chapter 24 - The Karlin Gym Battle Royal

Chapter 25 - The Birth of Pichu and Kanith

Chapter 26 - Brita’s Berry Brake Festival

Chapter 27 - Barry’s Back In Action

Chapter 28 - Brita’s Berry Brake Festival Part 1

Chapter 29 - Contest Crash Course

Chapter 30 - Brita’s Berry Brake Festival Part 2, The Berry Chef

Chapter 31 - Brita’s Berry Brake Festival Part 3

Chapter 32 - Brita’s Final Berry Contest

Chapter 33 - The Final Contest, Surging Thunder

Chapter 34 - Timothy Vs Paul, A Crushing Defeat

Chapter 35 - Legend Of The Sleeping Dragon

Chapter 36 - The Unexpected Battle

Chapter 37 - A Dark Secret Revealed

Chapter 38 - Ash’s Training Day

Chapter 39 - Pikachu’s Training Day

Chapter 40 - Blood Wake Attack’s

Chapter 41 -Ash’s And Pikachu’s Training Completed

Chapter 42 - A Good Understanding

Chapter 43 - A Furious Battle Reunion

Chapter 44 - The Cave Expedition

Chapter 45 - A Dangerous And Rewarding Expedition

Chapter 46 - A Caved In Tragedy Part 1

Chapter 47 - A Caved In Tragedy Part 2

Chapter 48 - A Show Of Strength

Chapter 49 - Furious Volrecks, Double Battle Victory

Chapter 50 - A Day In The Life Of Timothy Part 1

Chapter 51 - A Day In The Life Of Timothy Part 2

Chapter 52 - Clash Of The Brother’s Part 1

Chapter 53 - Clash Of The Brother’s Part 2

Chapter 54 - A Small Look Into Our Past

Chapter 55 - Rematch, Jamie Vs Ash

Chapter 56 - A Break From It All

Chapter 57 - Reunited And it Feel’s So Good!!!

Chapter 58 - Battle At Paradise Ridge

Chapter 59 - An Omen Of Things To Come

Chapter 60 - Walking A New Path

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Anyone can give up, it the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it togather when everyone elas would understand if you fell apart, that is true strength.

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