As Ash looked into Timothy's crimson-red eye's he felt as he was being tossed around in a ocean during an storm. Even through he couldn't sense his emotions any more it was as if he could feel them just by looking into his eye's.

"So Timothy you've finally decided to show your true self and fight me. It's about time.” smirked The other person

"So you really won't to die that bad Randy?" asked Timothy smirking.

"Tonight Timothy you will be defeated by me and after I defeat you I’m going to kill you for all those year's of humiliation you cause me!” yelled Randy

"You caught me off guard before. It won't happen again." stated Timothy

All of a sudden Timothy held his arms out to his side and the emerald green energy that surrounded him suddenly blazed up like somebody throwing gasoline on the embers of a fire. Ash noticed the wind starting to pick up strength as the trees around them started swaying and looking as through they were going to snap at any moment. He looked into the air and noticed black clouds starting to gather overhead blocking out the twilight of the sky as if a storm was rolling in.

"What going on?" wondered Ash as he looked around.

Ash then noticed Nina and Nikita looking floating down to the ground beside Kachu who had walked up to them and was talking to him.

"Wikerine, Nuzleaf, Wolfeyn come out now!” shouted Randy as he threw up three pokéballs as a Nuzleaf and two dog looking pokémon appeared in front of them.

One was white and black with it's fur spiking up on the back of it's head and it's backside. The other one had a dark blue fur running down it's back, on it's tail and on it's front two leg's. The sides of it's face as well as it back leg's had light blue fur and it's paw's were white.

"Let's see who they are." said Ash as he pointed his pokédex at them.

"Wolfyn The Shadow Wolf Pokémon and the evolved form of Lupup. Wolfeyn were once seen as a nuisance by ranchers, who feared for their herds. They are often called living shadows because their dark almost translucent bodies allow them to blend into surrounding shadows so well that they can't be seen. Wikerine The Poison Wolverine Pokémon and the evolved form of Poiserine. When a Poiserine evolves into a Wikerine, they will do one of two things. If they have found their lifelong mate, they will stay with the group until their mate evolves into a Wikerine, and the two will leave to find territory for themselves. But if they have not found a mate, they will roam without claiming territory in search of one." said The pokédex and it closed up.

Just then Randy started to glow with a red energy surrounding him, before his pokémon also started to glow with a red energy as they stood in front of him side by side.

"Alright Jeff use Charge Beam, Nuzleaf use Energy Ball, Wolfeyn use Dark Pulse, and Wikerine you use Hidden Power!” shouted Randy

Jeff charged up once again, before firing a large beam of yellow electrical energy at Timothy. Nuzleaf created a ball of white energy in its hands, before throwing it Timothy. Wolfeyn created a ball of black energy in front of it's mouth, before firing it, while Wikerine started to glow with a white energy as a several white bubble's of energy's started to form around him all of which headed toward Timothy. Just before the attack's hit Timothy though he jumped into air and the attack's hit the ground causing a explosion that sent rubble flying into Nina and Nikita's force field.

"This is really bad." noted Ash

“Pikachu.” nodded Kachu

Ash looked at Randy as he suddenly jumped into the air toward Timothy and began swing a furry of punch's at Timothy trying to hit him. Timothy began swaying left to right dodging each of Randy's punch as he unleashed a fury of blows.

"Hold still so I can hit you!” shouted Randy

"Now you know if I were to hold still it wouldn't be any fun now would it." smirked Timothy

Randy threw another punch at Timothy, but Timothy grabbed his hand and started swinging him around, before releasing him and sending him flying toward the ground.

"To easy." laughed Timothy as he dived toward Randy.

"Now!" yelled Randy

All of a sudden just as Randy was about to hit the ground he flipped back just and Timothy hit the ground causing it to explode sending up a large cloud of dust and rubble flying in every direction.

"This is intense...I’ve never seen anybody fight like this before." sighed Ash as the rubble pummeled the force field.

"Pika." said Kachu looking at Timothy.

"Now Jeff use Charge Beam and the rest of you use Hyper Beam!" yelled Randy

All of the pokémon fired their attacks at Timothy, but before they got close to Timothy, Randy raised his hands. Just the the attack from the Pikachu suddenly changed direction and flew up into the air while the others continued onwards towards Timothy.

"No way!" exclaimed Ash looking up at the attack.

"Now try this!” shouted Randy

He threw his hands toward the ground and the attack came down headed straight for Timothy. The three hyper beam and the charged beam attacks all hit Timothy causing a fierce explosion. Nina and Nikita struggled to hold up the force field and keep it from collapsing, but as Ash looked around he noticed the force field had started to crack. Nina and Nikita suddenly gave out and the force field suddenly shattered like glass, but before they could be blown away Lucaria appeared in front of them. She quickly held out her paws and created a dome of pink energy around them to protect them.

Ash turned around and looked at Nina and Nikita as they floated down to the ground exhausted from the ordeal. He then saw Kachu on Timothy's coat with Lucaria's pokéball in his paws.

“Quick thinking Kachu.” said Ash

“Chu...Pika...Pi.” nodded Kachu

Ash looked back out at the cloud of dust that had engulfed the field when Randy's pokémon attacks hit. He looked at the cloud of dust of for any sign of Timothy, but he didn't see a thin however after a few minutes be started to get a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"How do you like that." panted Randy

"Something's wrong...this is starting to get worse." panicked Ash

Ash looked into the sky and noticed that the block clouds had completely blocked out the sky and had ominously began to swirl over the area. Ash jumped a bit as a suddenly as lightning began to streak wildly across the black clouds and the thunder boomed loudly after it.

"Chu." moaned Pikachu as he started to regain consciousness.

"Your finally awake Pikachu...I’m glad." smiled Ash looking at Pikachu.

When the dust finally settled they saw Timothy standing there where he was hit with the same malevolent grin on his face and not a scratch on him.

"No way...there's not even a scratch on him! How is that possible." said Randy

"If that's the best you got than your finished. Let me show you a real attack." grinned Timothy

Timothy raised up his right hand and pointed a finger at Randy and his pokémon as a emerald green energy sphere suddenly started to form in front of it.

"Now try this on for size. Death Beam!" said Timothy as he fired a energy beam at them Randy.

"My pokémon can't move because of that Hyper Beam! So...." thought Randy

Randy quickly darted in front of the beam just as it hit causing causing a large explosion that sent a huge mushroom cloud into the sky. Ash looked at Lucaria to see if she was having any trouble holding up her barrier, but he was shocked to see hat she was talking to Kachu. It made Ash wonder just how powerful Lucaria was, but he pushed the thought into the back of his mind as a gust of wind blew away the cloud of dust. Ash expected to the guy on the ground and maybe unconscious or worse from the Timothy's attack, but he was shocked to see that the guy still standing though just barely.

He stood sloughed over with his arms hanging out in front of him and blood was dripping from them pooling onto the ground under him as well as piece's of his clothes missing all of which came from trying to block the attack. Randy had reddish-brown shoulder length hair, peach skin and green eye's.

"I overestimated you...his power's are allot stronger than I guessed. I should've used my full power when I had the chance." panted Randy and he fell down to one knee.

"So you actually survived...I guess your a little bit stronger than I gave you credit for, but let's see if you can survive another one." grinned Timothy

Timothy suddenly began to laugh manically as he raised his finger and pointed it at Randy again as another ball of energy started to form in front of it.

"Pika...Pika!" shouted Jeff as he ran in front of Randy with the other pokémon beside him.

"Pika...Pika...Chu!" shouted Kachu as he ran out in front of Timothy.

Timothy looked down at Kachu who now stood in between him and Randy looking up at him with a mix of worry and determination in his eye's. Just then Timothy began to laugh maniacal again which seem to cause the strength of the wind to get stronger and the black cloud overhead to rumble. He then pointed his finger at Kachu as the size of the sphere in front of it increased in size.

"No...he wouldn't.” thought Ash

"Pika.” moaned Pikachu

Just then Lucaria, Nina, and Nikita quickly darted in front of Timothy and beside Kachu each of them determined to get Timothy back to normal. Ash watched from behind Lucaria's force field as Timothy's pokémon stared him down and stood in his way.

"Pi...Pikachu...Chu...Pika...Pi!" shouted Kachu

Timothy stopped laughing and stared at them for a few minutes when all of a sudden his eye's went back to normal. The emerald green energy that surround him soon disappeared and the wind that had started to blow harder started to died down. He then closed his eye's and let out a long sigh as he lowed his hand to his side as he closed it.

Ash looked back over at Timothy as the pick dome that surround him suddenly disappear causing Ash to flinch a bit in fear. He thought that when Lucaria let down her barrier that he would get hit with the emotions like before, but he didn't. Now all he felt was the feeling of regret and sadness, but their was no trace of any other emotions he felt.

"Chu." sighed Kachu

He turned around and waved a Jeff who then nodded and turned around toward Randy. Randy then stumbled to his feet and returned Nuzleaf, Wikerine, and Wolfeyn back into their pokéballs, before Jeff jumped onto his shoulder.

"You win this time Timothy, but next time I‘m going to come at you with everything I got." snarled Randy as he raised up his hand and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Ash looked at the cloud of black smoke and was surprised see that the guy had disappeared much like the way Timothy had done while in Brita town. He then heard Timothy moan in agony and when he turned toward him he saw that Timothy was on the ground on his hand and knees. Ash watched as Timothy’s body began to wildly crackled and surged with electrical energy, before a large bolt of energy discharged it from his body into the sky. Ash looked up as the bolt of energy stuck the black clouds above their heads and surged through the clouds, before they dissipated reveling the clear night sky.

"Timothy are you ok?" asked Ash as he walked up to him.

"Yea I’ll be fine...what about Pikachu. How is he?" asked Timothy panted as he raised his hand stopping him in his tracks.

"Not to good I think. He hasn't moved much since he woke up." replied Ash

Timothy stumbled to his feet nearly falling over in the process, but he managed to catch himself as he made his way toward Ash. He then put his hand on Pikachu's forehead and all off a sudden Pikachu started to glow as he removed it. Once Pikachu stopped glowing he raised completely up showing that he was feeling much better.

"Pika." smiled Pikachu

"Your feeling allot better aren't you Pikachu. Thanks Timothy." said Ash

Timothy started to smile and stumbled over to his chair that had been knocked over by the explosion. He picked it up and then plopped down in it before taking a deep breath and then looked at his pokémon.

"Thanks’ everybody for stopping me." sighed Timothy

"Pika." nodded Kachu

"Mew." nodded Nina

"Be...Be." nodded Nikita

Ash watched as Nina and Nikita floated over to Timothy and landed in his lap both of them breathing heavy apparently still exhausted. Lucaria walked up to the chair and kissed him on the cheek as Kachu jumped on the arm of the chair. As he watched them he could help, but think about what he had just seen before his very eye's. They way he had seen Timothy and the other guy fighting had filled his head with a lot of question's onto of the question's that he already wanted to ask.

“I know you’ve got a lot of question’s Ash.” said Timothy rubbed Nina and Nikita who were now relaxing in his lap.

Ash was suddenly startled by the question as he looked at Timothy who stared back at him. Ash looked into his emerald green eye's and he felt as if Timothy were some how reading his mind or something to know what he was thinking.

“Yes.” nodded Ash

"Well I’ll explain to you in a sec, but first things first...let me fix the damage that Randy and I caused." said Timothy

Ash watched as Timothy held his hand out which began to glow with a green energy, before he reached over and sat it on the ground next to him. Ash and Pikachu watched in amazement as the green energy began to pulse out across the ground that the stood on. They looked out the the holes that had been created during the fight and they saw them get smaller as if they were being filled with more dirt until they all suddenly disappeared making it look as if nothing ever happened.

"Cool!" marveled Ash as he looked around.

"Chu." agreed Pikachu

"Alright Ash where do you want me to start?" asked Timothy as he took a deep breath.

"Well I have so many question's that I don't know where to start." shrugged Ash as he put his hand on his head.

"Well start with the on the top of your head." suggested Timothy as he relaxed in his chair.

"Ok then...these disaster’s that’s been going on…are you causing them?" asked Ash

"To put it simply…yes." sighed Timothy

"So many people have gotten hurt or killed and you knew about it!” yelled Ash

"These powers of mine are the direct cause of these storm…do you think I wanted this too happened?“ asked Timothy

“Well no, but….” said Ash

Ash looked at Timothy as he closed his eye’s and took a deep breath, before looking up at the night sky.

“Listen Ash I never wanted any of this to happen, but the best thing I can do right now is try to do right now, before more people get hurt is to try and regain control of my powers. I know it might be hard for you to understand, but believe me when I say its not as easy as you think.” sighed Timothy

"Chu...Pika...Pi...Kachu." said Kachu to Pikachu.

"Chu." said Pikachu looking at Timothy

"What do you mean regain control of your powers?“ asked Ash

“I can't really explain just that sometime ago my powers started to just go completely out of control. I’m doing everything I know of to try and regain control of them, but so far it’s been a no win situation. I think that it might have something to do with my emotions, but I'm not sure.” explained Timothy

“What do you mean?” asked Ash

“Anger, sorrow, fear, happiness...I’ve had a heard time controlling my emotions since I was young. I've always been prone to hissy fits like you just saw. I've tried to use may different techniques to try and keep them under wraps, but It gets harder to do as time goes on.” sighed Timothy

Ash looked at Timothy as he continued to look at the sky and though he still didn’t understand he believed him. He was sure that Timothy wasn’t intentionally causing these disasters so he decided not to question him about that anymore.

“Ok…even though I don’t completely understand let me ask about something else. That guy who was he and during your fight it looked like was controlling his pokémon’s attack." noted Ash

"That guy’s name is Randy Rasicakra…he's a shinobi from the Hidden Shadow Village and you are right about what you saw. He was able to control his pokémon's attack by using his chakra to manipulate their energy. That was why you saw them glowing when we first started to fight." explained Timothy

"Shinobi, Hidden Village, chakra....what are you talking about?" asked Ash looking baffled.

"Alright Ash listen up a bit and let me explain a little of this to you." replied Timothy

"I'm all ear's." nodded Ash

"Chu." nodded Pikachu

"Alright a shinobi is otherwise referred to as a ninja. A hidden village is the home of the shinobi, where they live alongside other shinobi...and you see chakra is a mixture of the physical energy present in every cell of the body and the spiritual energy gained from exercise and experience." explained Timothy

"I see...are shinobi like aura users?" wondered Ash

"No...there is a big difference that set aura users apart from shinobi." noted Timothy

"What's that?" asked Ash

"Well aura user's use aura which is the physical energy given off by the body's cell's. Shinobi on the other hand use chakra which is like I said a mixture of physical and spiritual energy." explained Timothy

"So that guy was a shinobi and his pokémon were extremely strong. I'm sorry Pikachu." apologized Ash as he lowered his head.

"Pika?" wondered Pikachu looking at Ash.

"During that fight you got hurt and if not for Timothy we both would’ve been killed. There was nothing I could do...I’m sorry for being so weak." sighed Ash

"Chu." said Pikachu looking at Ash.

"There's no point in drowning yourself in something that you know really can't be helped. Yes you are weak right now, but all you have to do is train and become stronger." assured Timothy

Ash looked up Timothy and saw that he had started back looking at the night sky.

"The road to reach one's full potential is long and might be impossible reach, but you'll never know if you throw in the towel. All that you've accomplished over the year's, all the experience you've gained in countless battle's and all the friend and rival's you've made would all be wasted. Listen Ash if you believe in your dream's then they may come true, but if you believe in yourself then they will. Your dream is to become a pokémon master an I correct?" asked Timothy

"Yes it is." noted Ash

"Well mine is not only to become a pokémon master, but I also strive to become the strongest being on this planet. I push myself every time I train to the breaking point to reach that goal and even though I’m sure that there are some powerful beings on this planet it doesn’t deter me any. My point being never give up just because you think you let someone down. If there‘s a wall that blocking your way just get up and find a way to break it down." said Timothy

"Chu." nodded Kachu

"Alright I will try." smiled Ash

“Pika…Pi.” smiled Pikachu

"Well you better get some sleep then and just remember Ash and Pikachu only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek to go, only as deep as I look can I see and only as much as I dream can I be." said Timothy

Ash nodded his head as he pushed a button on his pokédex and in a flash of light they found themselves in the living room of the PHD. Both Ash and Pikachu then went into the kitchen and found the food that Brock had cook in the refrigerator and after he had fixed them a plate and they had eaten they both went to bed. A few hours had passed as Ash laid in the bed wide awake looking at Pikachu who was curled up next to him on a pillow. In Ash's mind Timothy's words repeated its to him over and over again like the lyrics of a catching song.

"Maybe Timothy's right....Tomorrow I’m going to train and get stronger to protect my pokémon. I'm going to get strong enough to rise to any challenge." thought Ash

Ash raised his fist as he began to think of ways that he could train himself to become strong enough to take on any challenge or challengers that got in his way. The night went on as Ash stared at the ceiling of his room his mind still racing, but his eyelids soon grew heavy as he drifted off into a deep sleep.

To Be Continued.........................