Other Name: The Black Thunderbolt

Trainer: Timothy Ezekial Tarakona Harmon

Race: Pokémon

Gender: Male

Type: Electric/Dark

Ability: ?

Marital Status: In a relationship


Chapter Captured: None

Caught where: None

Received from: Loretha Wingard

Current Location: With Trainer

Evolved: Not going to evolve


Kachu is much larger then other pikachu’s being about the size of a Riolu though he weighs only about 22 lbs. He has silver fur with grey marks on his back and the tip of his ears is black. His tail unlike most male pikachu’s has an indentation in it being more like a female, however it is unknown why.


Like Timothy Kachu is very straight forward and easy going, but like Timothy he has a temper. He is very caring about his friends and is welling to put his like on the line to protect them.


Not much is known about Kachu’s past besides the fact that is Timothy’s very first pokémon and was given to him by his mother while he was still very young and Kachu was still an egg.

Natural Ability’s and Power’s

Natural Ability’s


Known Moves

Iron Tail

Volt Tackle