Pokémon, mystical creatures that inhabit the earth along with humans. They have been around for as long as we humans if not longer. Their sheer numbers are staggering and up to date there have been a total of 646 different species of pokémon discovered so there exact and everyday more are being discovered so there exact number is uncertain. When a child reaches the age of 10 they are able to become a Pokémon Trainier and they revive there first pokémon . After this they travel around the world making many friends, creating many wonderful memory's and sharing many heartbreaks along the way

One such trainer is Ash Ketchum and his pokémon partner Pikachu, who together have traveled to four different regions together making many friends and enemy's along the way. They have face a lot of danger together and overwhelming odds, but they have always works together to get through any kind of danger which has closer together like brother's. But nothing could have prepared them for the dangers that fate has in store for them in their next journey. After traveling to a strange region known as the "Jetix" he soon meets a group of trainers and their mysterious leader who posse's power's unlike anything he has ever seen.

After a traveling with them for awhile the mysterious trainers power go out of control and then one by on e the earth is hit by a wave of evils and disaster's seeking to destroy it. Now this journey will be a battle for more than gym badge, as they will have to fight for the fate of the earth. Ash and co train to step up their pokémon battle style and gain power's they never before seen in the history of pokémon. Will Ash and Co be able to protect the planet and help combat the danger's that seek to destroy the earth with power's and ability's the never though possible. The planet will shake, the galaxy will howl and the universe just might crumble when fist clash in the ultimate battle between good and evil.

This is Pokemon DX Taken To The Max!!!

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Set in a region across the Pokémon World, the Pokémon DX series put's a whole new twist to the Pokémon series. The Pokémon DX series will feature more intense battle, competition's and it is the first Pokémon region to have more than 200 pokémon in it's pokédex.

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Arch 1 - Problematic Presage

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