The Six Great Shinobi Regions are the Six largest regions in the Pokemon DX world. They are the Earth Region in the North, the Lightning Region in the West, the Water Region in the Southwest, the Wind Region in the Southeast, the Region Fire in the East, and the Reigon Of Fantasy in the Center. The regions were named after the dominant charkra nature of each of the areas except of the Region Of Fantasy with was named for all of the "Fantasy" like things that happen there .

These superpowers are the major players in the politics and trade between the shinobi world. They are the most powerful of all regions and each has an extremely powerful shinobi village. The Earth Region has Kakusa Ishi no mura (Hidden Stone Village), the Lightning Region has Kakushi furasshu-mura (Hidden Flash Village), the Water Region has Kakushi Uson (Hidden Rain Village), the Wind Region has Kakushi Ha-mura (Hidden Leaf Village), the Fire Region has Kakushi Honoo-mura (Hidden Flame Village), and the Region Of Fantasy's has Kakushi Kage-mura (Hidden Shadow Village). These six villages are the only ones to have a Kage as the village head.

Although the Six Great Shinobi Regions are equal enough in power and military strength to create a fairly stable balance of power, the Region Of Fantasy is considered the most powerful and influential. Similarly, the Reigion Of Fantasy's shinobi village, Kakusa Kage-mura, is considered the most powerful of all shinobi villages and it's Hosikage is considered to be the pinnacle of the shinobi world.